15 Fabulous Camper Table Ideas To Fire Up Your Imagination

Your camper table is a place to eat, drink, or perch a cuppa. In addition, it can be a space to play games, do a puzzle or even decorate biscuits!

Also, it can be a handy extension to your kitchen or double as a desk if you’re working on the road.

But there are so many table designs out there, how will you know which is the best one for you?

A lady decorating biscuits on a DIY camper table

We’ve drawn on our own experiences and sought reviews from other vanlifers to bring you a thorough list with reliable opinions about the best camper tables.

In addition, this post looks at the benefits and drawbacks of either building your table or buying entire kits (or individual parts) ready-made. So whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

There is also a list of alternative tables if you don’t fancy including a fixed table in your camper van build.

No time to read the full article? We feel ya! Here’s an overview of each type of table:

TableBuild or BuyMain ProMain Con
1Pull OutBuildEasy to set up and store away.Needs a large space to be stored.
2ExtendableBuildVersatile table size.Time consuming design & build.
3Small HangingBuildInexpensive to make.Rope/chain placement can restrict use.
4Large HangingBuildAllows a lot of flexibility in your layout.Time consuming to design, build and make safe.
5Small Permanent BuildAlways there when you need it.Not a suitable alternative to a full sized table.
6Swivel TableBuyQuick and easy to install.Standard swivel tables are quite small.
7IslandEitherSimple to assemble the table.Requires storage space for the table top and leg.
8Large PermanentEitherDoesn't need setting up or putting away.The layout of your camper won't be versatile.
9Fold DownEitherTable top doesn't need additional storage.Can potentially block wall or storage space.
10Bench SeatEitherCould potentially have a large table.If converting to a bed, the table top would need totally clearing each night.
11Swivel ArmBuyTable top can be completely bespoke and unique.More expensive than a standard swivel table kit.
12PortableBuyWidely available at a low cost.Needs storing in your camper when not in use.
13Lap TrayBuyAvailable in different styles, colours and finishes at a reasonable cost.Long term use may lead to poor posture and digestion.
14Cushioned Lap TrayBuyAvailable in different colours, patterns and pictures at a low cost.Long term use may lead to poor posture and digestion.
15Camping BowlsBuyNo design or installation time.Long term use may lead to poor digestion.

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To Build Or To Buy?

Would you rather build your camper table or buy one pre-built? Do you want to have a bespoke design or get your conversion done and dusted as quickly as possible?

If you want the best of both worlds, there’s also the option to buy specific components for a table and then build the rest yourself. For instance, you could buy a table leg but then build and create a unique tabletop yourself.

We can’t tell you the best camper table to install because choosing one that’s right for you depends on what you need from your camper conversion and need from a table.

Think about how big it needs to be, what shape you’d like, and where you’ll store it when it’s not in use. Or maybe you’ve got a ginormous rig and have space for a permanent setup.

Additionally, consider how much of your budget (both your money and your time!) you’re willing to spend.

A watch on top of a spread of twenty pound notes

DIY Camper Table

Designing and building a table yourself means having the freedom to have something completely bespoke. Everything can be made to fit your conversion; the style, size, fittings and aesthetics can be totally unique.

  • Because you can design the table to your own specifications, it will be a unique fit for your van.
  • Buying materials and building your own table will generally work out cheaper than buying.
  • Sourcing low-priced materials, or offcuts, or things to upcycle, will lower build costs further.
  • Designing and then building a table to perfectly fit your space can be time-consuming.
  • You’ll need the proper tools as well as a head for DIY to make your own table.
  • Some table designs can be challenging to create and to get to function as they are intended.

Pre-Built Camper Table

On the other hand, you may decide that building your ideal campervan table would take up too much of your time. Buying a complete kit would save you a lot of time and energy and mean that you can jump on the road much quicker!

  • Widely available in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Installation is quick and easy – it usually only requires a few screws in the correct place.
  • Tried and tested, and you’ll be able to exchange if it doesn’t work correctly.
  • Certain makes and brands are more expensive to buy than more “standard” looking furniture.
  • Although there’s a range of sizes, you may not be able to get a perfect fit for your camper.
  • Less personal than a DIY table, and some designs are quite clunky.

Camper Table Components

Buying individual components means you can enjoy the benefits of both a DIY and pre-built table. For instance, you could buy just a table leg but then make the tabletop yourself in whatever beautiful design you fancy.

  • You’ll still be able to make your own tabletop, which will allow you to have a bespoke design.
  • Tried and tested, and you’ll be able to exchange if it doesn’t work correctly
  • Installation is quick and easy – it usually only requires a few screws in the correct place.
  • It Will be more costly than designing and making a table from scratch.
  • Components are only available for a limited number of camper table designs.
  • In some cases, a high-quality component is more costly than buying a whole (lower quality) kit.

Build A Camper Table

DIY tables are totally bespoke and customized. They can be built in any shape or size to fit in your campervan conversion. Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget, most DIY tables can be made very cheaply.

1. Pullout Table

A pullout table is generally quick and easy to design and install. Once you’ve decided on a comfortable table height, it can be integrated to slide in and out of other furniture components in your campervan.

Suitable for most sized campervans, although it will take up quite a lot of the available storage space in a short wheelbase. In Vandercamp, our table pulls out of the cupboard but can then be folded out to extend the table further.

A lady pouring morning coffee at a pull out table on permanent seating in a DIY camper van conversion

Charlie and Dale‘s table pulls out of their platform bed. The bed frame is a perfect place to fit a good-sized table, and when they don’t need it, it just pushes back into the bed frame. It is push-to-open, so it doesn’t need any handles.

  • The table simply slides out when you need it and then pushes back into place when you’re done.
  • A pull-out table that can easily be put away creates a functional and flexible layout.
  • Suitable for any sized van, although in a SWB, the storage of a large table can be tricky.
  • A large table will either need strong runners or additional support underneath.
  • A solid table will need a large space to fit into when it’s not being used.
  • In a S/MWB, a large table will dominate the space, so you can’t do much else while the table is out.

2. Extendable Table

An extendable table gives you versatility in your layout. In addition, it gives you control over how much you want the table to extend. Be mindful, though; if the table extends quite far, it will need additional support so it doesn’t sag.

It is suitable for any camper, although it would be useful in a smaller camper with limited space. Our table has three stops for different extensions. So we can either have a full table or just somewhere to perch a cuppa.

An extendable DIY camper table
A fully extended DIY camper table
  • Creates a versatile layout because you’re not restricted to just one table size.
  • Once it’s designed and built, it’s an easy way to create extra table space.
  • Can build it to whatever size suits your conversion best.
  • Needs a lot of time spent on the design, as it’s more complicated than other tables.
  • It can take longer to build and to make sure it works effectively.
  • May need to have additional support for the extension, which means more materials.

3. Small Hanging Table

A small hanging table is straight forward to design and make (perfect for DIY novices!). The table needs to only consist of a piece of wood and four lengths of rope or chain.

Suitable for any size van. In a larger van, a hanging table may be an additional surface to work from or to rest the laptop to while you lounge about watching Netflix in bed!

A man uses his laptop in the bed of his campervan conversion. The laptop is perched on a small hanging table which has been upcycled using skateboards and roap.

Casp and Flo have made a really lovely little workspace that they can use while sitting on the bed. We love the upcycled skateboards as a tabletop!

  • Super simple to set up and put away – the table just needs to be hung from secure bolts.
  • A hanging table doesn’t need any legs or underneath support.
  • This table hardly needs any build materials, so it would be quick and inexpensive to make.
  • The tabletop needs to be removed and stored somewhere or needs securing when not in use.
  • The rope or chains used to suspend the table would restrict the use of the tabletop.
  • It’s only really suitable for resting a laptop on, as it wouldn’t be a secure place to put drinks.

4. Large Hanging Table

Alternatively, you may want something bigger. For example, a large hanging table gives ample table space, which hoists out the way when you need more room.

This design would only work in a high-top van, where you can spare some ceiling height. Also, a short wheelbase would be far too small as your hanging table would be resting on your head when it’s “away”.

Andrea and Bianca have built this insanely awesome suspended table in their (beautiful!) camper conversion. Not only does this design mean they can have a large table, but they can lower it further to create a bed. So CLEVER!

  • Once it’s all set up, it would be quick and easy to use, as it just needs lowering on pulleys.
  • As it is suspended, it doesn’t require table legs, which would otherwise need storing.
  • Allows you to have a lot of flexibility within your camper: seating, dining or work area, spare bed.
  • Needs to be stored against the ceiling when not in use, so only suitable for extra high top vans.
  • A complicated design that would take a lot of time and engineering to get right.
  • It would need to be made very safely and securely, so you don’t end up with a table falling on you.

5. Small Permanent Table

A permanent table is always ready and waiting to be used. But that doesn’t mean you have to have something huge which dominates the space in your conversion.

It could be the main table in a medium wheelbase van, as long as you don’t need a large tabletop. In a long wheelbase, it could be in addition to your bigger table and be a little perch to rest your cuppa.

A small, fixed table and a widthways platform bed in a DIY camper van conversion

Siân & Jason use a tray to increase the area of their small table. Their main downside is the fact that it’s at a similar level to the sofa, which means their dogs often knock things off!

  • The table is always there when you need it and doesn’t need setting up or putting away.
  • Because it’s fixed, you won’t have to think about a place to store it when it’s not in use.
  • As long as you’re not using super fancy materials, it would be inexpensive to make.
  • Only a small space for putting drinks etc on. Not a suitable alternative for a full-sized table.
  • As the table is fixed in place, you won’t be able to move it out of the way.
  • Your layout won’t be as flexible if you opt for a permanent table.

Buy A Camper Table

There is just one table that you can only buy as a kit as far as we can find. It’s possible to buy other tables as a whole kit, but these can also be sold as separate parts to customize. The swivel kit is the only one that can’t be customized.

6. Swivel Table

Swivel tables allow you to adjust the position of the table. The tabletops come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, so you should find something that fits into your layout design.

Most commonly found in SWB, which are more restricted on space. However, one could be a practical option in any sized vehicle. If positioned near the door, the table can also be accessed from outside the van.

Three young children sit on the floor of a VW T5 conversion enjoying a picnice

Katy squeezes her family of five into their VW T5, so she doesn’t have much space for a huge table. Her swivel table is just a small, round tabletop that can be used to pop things on. And this way, the kids can enjoy a picnic on the floor.

  • Available in different shapes and sizes, which are quick and easy to install.
  • Creates versatility in your space, as you can adjust the position of the table.
  • Different coloured table tops are available, as well as wood finishes.
  • Some models, especially older kits, can look quite clunky and utilitarian.
  • Depending on the positioning, the swivel arm can get in the way of leg space.
  • Unless you have a custom table top, standard swivel tables are quite small.

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Build And Buy A Camper Table

These tables can either be bought as a whole kit, or they just have components to buy. It’s the sweet spot between the reliability and convenience of buying something pre-made and having something bespoke you made yourself.

7. Island Table

Somewhere to work or eat. The top and leg are stored away the rest of the time, creating space in your camper. A helpful option if space in your camper is limited!

You can buy it as a kit (with the leg and a tabletop) or just as the island leg. Buying the leg gives you the convenience of an island table, as well as having a bespoke tabletop.

A lady sitting ready for lunch at a removable island table in her DIY campervan conversion

Jake and Emily can easily put their table up when they want to enjoy meals in the van. When the table isn’t in use, they simply store it down the side of the seating area. (Notice their fold-down table to extend the kitchen area too!)

  • Can buy or make the tabletop separately, allowing you to create a bespoke look.
  • If you want to buy an island table as a whole kit, many sizes and styles are available.
  • Very simple to install and then quick and easy to assemble as a table.
  • Need to have additional storage space for the tabletop and table leg.
  • They are potentially unstable and can be quite wobbly if not properly secured.
  • Requires time to set up the table every time you want to work or eat.

8. Large Permanent Table

A large permanent table means always having somewhere to eat, work or play games. It is only practical in an extra LWB camper or a larger vehicle, such as a Luton truck or a horsebox

The table leg for a permanent table can be bought, much like an island table leg, while the tabletop can be a unique design. Make sure the leg can support the weight of a large tabletop, or you’ll end up with a wobbly table.

A permanent seating area in a minimalist DIY conversion van

Abby and Amanda have plenty of room in their super gorgeous Airstream spaceship, so they can have a permanent seating/dining area. The table also lowers so they can create a spare bed.

  • You won’t need to spend any time setting it up or putting it away.
  • You don’t have to have a place in your campervan to store the tabletop when it’s not in use.
  • If you build a simple table that stays in one place, the materials would be inexpensive.
  • Takes up a lot of space, so it would only really be practical in a huge camper.
  • If the fixed table couldn’t adjust in any way then your layout wouldn’t be versatile.
  • You’ll be unable to move the table if you ever needed to do so.

9. Fold Down Table

A fold-down table is simple to design and install, although it can block storage space when it is “away” if mounted on the wall. Alternatively, fix the table to the end of a unit or cupboard to not occupy valuable space.

Although usually a DIY table, they are available to buy. However, the bought ones are often quite thin or small. Fold-down tables can either fold down to make a tabletop or fold down to be put “away”.

A fold down table suspended with ropes in a campervan conversion

Raquel has not one but two fold-down tables in her super cute Renault Kangaroo micro camper. She has one on the sidewall next to the sliding door and another on the back door.

  • Very quick and simple to set up and fold away, and the tabletop doesn’t need to be stored elsewhere.
  • A straightforward table design to make so it won’t take much time out of your build.
  • Doesn’t require many materials making it inexpensive to build.
  • Depending on its location, it can potentially block valuable wall or storage space.
  • If it covers storage space “away”, you’d always have to fold the table down to access the storage.
  • If you want a large table, you’ll need ample space on a wall or cupboard when the table is “away”.

10. Bench Seat Table

This table is best suited to long wheelbase (or larger) camper vans. However, it is possible to fit them in a S/MWB, but there won’t be much room for anything else. The restricted head height would also be an issue in a smaller van.

Most tables we’ve seen like this either have strong island table legs that can be removed to make the bed or adjustable table legs that can move up and down. The tabletop itself can either be bought or built.

A lady sitting at a large bench seat which can convert into a table top bed in her DIY camper van conversion

James and Steph, the Wayward Gingos, have a huge table; they once hosted a dinner party for 8! A portion of the table is removable, so they can have something smaller if they need to.

Discover more about convertible beds here.

  • If you’ve got the space, then the table and bench seats can be nice and big.
  • A large table is perfect for families, groups of travellers or entertaining guests.
  • The table, and everything on it, can be left set up all day.
  • The time to convert into a bed. It’s only a couple of minutes but might be a chore for full time living.
  • A large table takes up a lot of room, so it wouldn’t leave much space if you wanted a shower/toilet.
  • Everything would need clearing away each night so the table can transform into a bed.

11. Swivel Arm

Swivel table arms allow you to adjust the position of the table. They come in many different varieties; some have adjustable heights, some rotate, some just swing around to reposition the table.

Just buying a swivel arm gives you the freedom to design the tabletop however you need it. It could be big, small, square or round. In addition, the arm can be fixed anywhere to have the table anywhere you want in your layout.

A table with paints and an artists sketchbook sits between two bench seats in a camper conversion. The back doors of the van are open showing a country side view.

Jaz has a Langun table leg, which rotates 360, swivels 360, is height-adjustable, and is easy to pack away. Although an expensive investment, she used spare plywood for the tabletop for an adjustable bench seat table.

Find out more about the Langun swivelling table leg system here.

  • Available in different designs with different functions. Lots of choices.
  • Creates versatility in your space, as you can adjust the position of the table.
  • Tabletop could be completely bespoke, retaining a unique feel to your camper.
  • Depending on the positioning, the swivel arm can get in the way of leg space.
  • Most swivel arms are more expensive than a standard swivel table kit.
  • Arms that can support a large, heavy table are nearly double the cost of a standard kit.

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Do I Need a Fixed Camper Table?

Having a fixed table is different to a permanent table. Fixed tables simply require at least one part of the table to be a permanent feature in your camper.

For example, suppose you’ve got a swivel arm attached to your van somewhere. In that case, it doesn’t matter if the tabletop is removed because the arm is a fixed feature in your conversion.

This distinction is only necessary if you want to re-register your van with the DVLA as a motor vehicle. Having a fixed table is one of the criteria your camper must meet.

To read more about the DVLA’s new guidelines (which were updated in October 2019), click here.

If you don’t want to have a fixed table in your camper then there are some portable alternatives.

12. Portable Camping Table

Portable tables are widely available and come in a range of different sizes and designs. There a small coffee table-sized ones available, or larger ones to set up as a picnic bench outside.

Usually used as an alternative option in smaller conversions, where space is at a premium. No matter the size of the table, it needs to be stored somewhere when it’s not in use.

A lady drinking coffee in her DIY campervan conversion
  • The table has multiple uses and can be used either inside or outside the van.
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about including a table in your layout design.
  • Widely available, in many different shapes, sizes and materials at a reasonable cost.
  • Requires additional storage space inside your van when it’s not being used.
  • If it was a larger table, it would be awkward to set up inside a short wheelbase.
  • Some camping tables look quite plain or basic. However, this is easily overcome with some paint.

13. Lap Tray With Legs

Similarly to a portable table, a tray table with legs is a convenient small table if you’re limited on space (or if you just love breakfast in bed!). They’re small and light, making them easy to move around the van and put wherever needed.

A tray table might be a handy addition in a larger van or an alternative to a fixed table in smaller vans. Suitable for very tiny vans (car-derived ie VW Caddy) when there’s limited space.

A widthways fixed platform bed in a camper van conversion
  • Come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials at a reasonable cost.
  • It can be used either as a table or as a laptop stand.
  • Very portable – can either be used inside or outside your van.
  • Not very stable, especially on a soft surface like a bed or sofa.
  • Long term use may lead to poor posture and potential digestive issues.
  • It was designed for use by one person at a time, although it could serve as a small table for two.

14. Cushioned Lap Tray

If you decide that you don’t want a table in your van and just want something simple to rest your dinner on, then a cushioned lap tray might be a good option for you.

Similarly to the lap tray, a cushioned lap tray might be an alternative table in a car-derived van. Although even in a small space, they could be awkward to use, as they’d need resting somewhere if you needed to move.

oysters and lemons on a cushioned lap tray
  • They’re available in a range of colours and designs at a low cost.
  • Widely available and easy to source, saving you a lot of time.
  • Completely portable, so it could be used either inside or outside your van.
  • Needs to either be on your lap or on another surface, so not necessarily convenient.
  • Not a big surface to give sufficient space to use for anything other than eating.
  • Long term use may lead to poor posture and digestive issues.

15. Camping Bowls

If you suffer from epiplaphobia (a fear of furniture) or aversion to flat surfaces, then well done you for making it this far in a post about tables.

If you don’t want anything that even resembles a table in your campervan, then you’ll be eating off your lap. But, invest in some decent, eco-friendly bowls to eat from.

A camping bowl full of vegan food
  • No need for additional storage in your van for a table.
  • Don’t need to spend any of your conversion time or money on a table.
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours, and can be bought for very cheap.
  • Eating without sitting at a table can lead to poor posture and digestion issues in the long run.
  • If you’re planning on working from your van, then you’d still need to set up an alternative work area.
  • No table! Obvious, yeah, but a table (or flat surface) is a very diverse addition to a camper.


What inspired you the most?!

Do you want to build your own table entirely from scratch? This would allow you to design the table to fit your campervan perfectly, from its size, to how it works, to how it looks.

Or do you want to save yourself time and effort and simply buy a camper table instead? With so many sizes and colours available, you’ll be able to find something that works with your van conversion.

Alternatively, are you a “want your cake and eat it” kind of person? Do you want the convenience of a pre-built table but also want to create a bespoke design? Then buying components and building the rest is ideal for you.

Or maybe, you don’t want a table at all and would prefer to have something smaller and portable.

Whatever suits you, we hope the honest reviews from ourselves and other vanlifers has given you a clear idea of what kind of camper table you want in your conversion.

Now your mind is abuzz with ideas and creativity, it’s time to go and design or buy your perfect camper table. Then, read about when would be the perfect time to fit one in your camper conversion here.

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