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7 Totally Free Things To Do In Koblenz

Koblenz has plenty of things to see and do that’ll cost you money. But we enjoy being thrifty, even if we forgo the “unmissable tourist spots”. If you’re looking for a low-budget day sightseeing, we’ll share 7 free things to do in Koblenz.

We spent a whole day sightseeing in Koblenz for free. Admittedly, we did spend ten euros, but that was an unnecessary expense! We also camped for three nights for free, not far from the city. 

Read on to discover what we did, where we went, where we stayed, and where we spent our money.

Additionally, as we had a seven-month-old Baby M (the Vanbino) with us, we’ll highlight some of Koblenz’s baby-friendly features.

Portrait photo of Jolly, Nemi and The Vanbino

About Us

Hi there! We’re Jolly, Nemi, and The Vanbino, a travelling family living full-time in our self-converted Luton campervan “Vandertramp”.

We’re a thrifty family on a budget who loves exploring new places. We like to go at a steady pace and share with you our honest and realistic travel guides.

7 Free Things To Do in Koblenz

1. Walk Along The Rhine River

You can walk for about an hour into Koblenz Old Town along the Rhine River in a skinny park. There are two paths, both flat and perfect for pushchairs.

A man with a baby carrier on a path along side the Rhine River leading to Koblenz

Keep your eyes peeled, as there’s lots of nature. We saw lots of pretty ducks and other river birds; we heard woodpeckers and saw a jay. We went in early March, so there will be much more later in spring and summer.

Also, keep your eye out for nutrias! When we first saw one, we thought it was a mutant beaver rat. The locals must feed this lot because they’re very friendly – they’ll come right up to you begging for food and even try to have a hunt in your bag for a snack. So, take some carrots or apples to feed them if you spot them.

A nutria eating an apple next to the Rhine River in Koblenz

2. Wander Around The Cobbled Streets

You’ll know when you’re in the Old Town (Altstadt), as there will be cobbles underneath your feet. We had Baby M in a carrier, but most pushchairs would be fine, although it might be a bumpy ride for your little one!

The cobbled streets of the Old Quarter one of the free things to do in koblenz

The Old Town is relatively small compared to the rest of Koblenz, so you can do a few laps and keep discovering new things. We invented a game of trying to find the oldest building – our winner was built in the 1500’s… let us know if you find one older!

The Old Town is beautiful, though. Everywhere you look, there are pretty buildings, murals, gothic road signs or winding streets. Wandering these old streets was definitely one of our favourite free things to do in Koblenz!

Traditional German gothic buildings in the old town of koblenz

3. Hunt for Statues

If you’ve walked along the Rhine River, you’ll have already spotted some beautiful statues and monuments.

A large white monument with a statue of Empress Augusta

The most impressive statue you’ll find in Koblenz is part of a monument at the Deutsches Eck (the German corner), where the rivers Rhine and Moselle meet.

A large bronze monument of a man on a horse

The statue commemorates German unity, and it’s MASSIVE. You can explore around it and walk up to the top section, although the stairway up to the top was closed when we were there. If you’ve got a pushchair, getting up the stairs might be awkward. 

A lady looking out from in between 2 pillars at the confluence of two rivers

Other statues are dotted around the old quarter, all from different periods and in various styles. Some are very ornate and grand, while others are strange or silly.

A silly statue of an old lady with her cats

4. Look For Fountains

Similarly, look for the fountains. They were all shut off when we visited, as it was just coming out of winter, and we guessed it was to stop them from freezing.

A fountain of a girl chasing ducks surrounded by raised cobble stones
A fountain of a young boy stood on a plinth

Our favourite was in Josef-Görres-Platz. The vast column tells the story of Koblenz’s 2000-year history in ten scenes, from Roman times to today.

A huge column fountain, one of the free things to do in koblenz

5. Visit Government Buildings

As with most places, the government buildings are rather grand and impressive. We didn’t intend to visit one; it was just where we ended up around lunchtime. The grounds around it are pleasant, and there are free benches, tables, and a play park for bigger kids.

A baby crawling in front of an impressive white government building
A man biting an apple sitting at some long outdoor benches in Koblenz

If you’re looking for free things to do in Koblenz, take a packed lunch rather than pay for lunch in one of the restaurants or cafes!

6. Find Jesuitenplatz

On your hunt for statues, you’ll no doubt find yourself in a Jesuitenplatz, a square with a statue of Johannes Müller. Finding this square might not be one of the free things to do in Koblenz, though, because this is a lovely place to part with some money, providing the weather is fair.

There’s a lovely bustling café, where you can sit and listen to the musical bells which play a different tune every hour. On the wall is a bell song schedule if you’re picky about which song you want to listen to.

A bronze statue of Johannes Müller in the square of the old town inn Koblenz

7. Visit The Churches

We didn’t do this, but it could be on your list if walking around churches is your thing. There are lots to choose from, dotted all around the old quarter.

A church with two spires in the old town, one of the free things to do in koblenz
An impressive gothic church with two spires in Koblenz old town

Additional Free Things In Koblenz

Free Camping

If, like us, you’re travelling by camper, finding free park-up spots is essential for saving money. This one was great, although there weren’t any facilities. So, you need to be self-contained with a toilet onboard and ensure you have plenty of water and gas.

The address is Rheinau, Oberworth, Koblenz,

Nemi next to the luton campervan in the free parking space. ONe of the free things to do in koblenz


5-minute walk to the river Rhine.

Further 35-minute walk into Koblenz along the river.

Bike-friendly – there are cycle paths through the park into Koblenz

Two play parks – one just to the right of the park up and one less than five minutes  into the park

Recycling point, although the rubbish bin was locked.

In a quiet neighbourhood – no disturbances at night


There was a construction site opposite, which was quite loud during working hours. This site may also be a future con, as campers may have fewer parking spaces once they build the apartments.

The black bin next to the recycling was locked.

A fence runs behind the parking/camping, which ruins the view of the river. However, because Vandertramp is so tall, the view from our windows looked over the fence.

The boats chugging up and down the river were noisy, although this didn’t disturb us much.

Free Toilets

Visiting toilets obviously won’t be on your itinerary, but finding free ones is crucial when saving money! Quite a few public toilets are dotted around (marked on the tourist maps), so you don’t have to buy a drink somewhere to use their facilities.

So, going to the loo can be another thing on your “free things to do in Koblenz” list!

A man smiling and pointing at a free public toilet

Where We Spent Our Money

So, you’re probably wondering where we spent our money. Well, with all this walking around, we needed a bit of a break and baby M needed time to wiggle around after being in a baby carrier for three hours. So, we stopped at Cafe Bistro Pfefferminzje on the edge of the old quarter which has vegan options. Nemi had a vegan power chai (probably a dirty chai?), and Jolly had a “really good” americano.

A cafe on some cobbled streets with a parasol and a retro bicycle outside

When you go in, it looks like a single room, but there is another room at the back with further seating and outdoor tables at the front and back.

A tall glass of coffee next to a vase with two pink tulips
A small cafe with mismatched chairs and tulips on the tables

Other Information

Baby Changing

Neither the public loos we went to nor the café where we had a coffee had baby-changing facilities. However, opposite the Schängel Fountain is the Town Hall (Rathaus). We used the toilets there, which had a large entry hall that could be utilised for a swift baby change (although the floor is stone, so take some padding!)

A public toilet door

What To Pack

Having a free day out means carrying a bag full of goodies to help you avoid spending money. Here’s our Koblenz packing list:

Nemi & Jolly

Large bottles of water.

Flask with a hot drink.

Nuts and fruit for snacks.

Packed lunch.

The Vanbino

Pot of fruit/veg snacks.

Small toy/teething toy.

Nappies and change of clothes.

Roll up changing mat.

Koblenz Tourist Map

There are tourist maps dotted around Koblenz. Alternatively, you can find one here.


There are other attractions and sights around Koblenz that will cost you money to visit. But this list of free things to do in Koblenz took us around 6 hours, which was plenty of time to soak in the beauty of Koblenz without parting with our precious euros.

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Have fun exploring! Let us know in the comments what you got up to.

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